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LINA – Virtual
Art Therapist

How Art Therapy works in LINA
Read the task
Draw a simple image
Get smart Analysis & Recommendations
LINA makes the process of personal growth smooth & entertaining
Entertaining Healing Activities
Designed by Art Therapists, these activities will help to build self-love, boost self-confidence and help you see yourself in a new liberating light.
Art Therapy Activities
Feeling stuck in some area of your life or need an advice? The answer is already within you – use Associative metaphorical Cards to tap into it.
Associative Cards
Boost your self-confidence and femininity with Imagery Meditations. Enjoy the state of relaxation and empowerment.
Imagery Meditations
"Wherever you are right now - at home, on public transport, or on a break at work - I invite you to enter the magical space of art therapy.
It's magical because it brings you back to yourself, and when you are in contact with your feelings and desires, and able to fill yourself with loving attention, an incredible inner world opens up for you."
Nadya Balitskaya
Art therapist in LINA
Art Therapy benefits
Express and explore your feelings in a safe and non-threatening way
Gain positive self-esteem by a sense of accomplishment in your artwork
Gain insights and increase self-awareness through creative process
Communicate more effectively, both verbally and non-verbally
Enhance problem-solving skills by experimenting and taking risks with your artwork
Reduce stress and anxiety by engaging in relaxing drawing exercises
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